My guilty pleasure

I have a confession to make. One I am slightly ashamed of.  Have you ever thought about your own 'guilty pleasures'; things you like, although you know you shouldn't? Well I think I have recently discovered mine - Marco Pierre White. 


As a middle-aged woman I shouldn't be impressed by his over-the-top dramatics recently on Hells Kitchen. A scarf worn around his head as a bandana should make me laugh, not melt. And most of all I should be able to see through his particular, and often peculiar, version of pop psychology. But I can't - and I don't want to.  Jamie Oliver may be lovely, but he's a boy. Gordon Ramsay is powerful, but he is a bit too grumpy. My Marco is a man.


I was glued to Hell's Kitchen, not to see who got voted off. I merely enjoyed watching Marco lording it over his kitchen!  My head screamed at me not to be so ridiculous!  But my heart really enjoyed imagining what it would be to be in the kitchen with him.  He wouldn't even need to teach me to cook. I would happily just peel potatoes all day and wash up... as long as my work station had a good view of his!


Now I am glued to The Apprentice, and the other night had a dream about Sir Alan Sugar. This is altogether more worrying. Marco is a big bear of a man, but with all due respect to him Sir Alan is a bit short and a bit grumpy. But, my goodness, is he powerful? 


I have to admit that my shallow side loves watching him emerge from one of his posh cars or his helicopter. His craggy face and wonderfully sarcastic comments add to the aura of power. And, like Marco in his kitchen, I love watching him lording it over all and sundry in the boardroom.  Come to think of it, his side-kick, Nick Hewer has a certain charisma too...  That's it, I need to get out more!

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Great Blog Barbara, looking forward to the next installment

Hi Barbara, loved your first blog. I'm not sure about Marco but I love Sir Allan. The apprentice is brilliant! Gotta love those grumpy alpha males!

Oh dear - I think these reality shows are becoming a little 'too' real for you! You'll be telling us you have plans for Simon Cowell's high-waisted trousers next....!

Really enjoying your blog! Please keep writing it!

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