The long and the short of it...

emmat.jpgThis week I was struck by two photographs which appear on the website. One was of Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman at the premiere of their new movie Last Chance Harvey. The other was of Sophie Dahl and her fiancé Jamie Cullum attending a fundraising dinner at Hampton Court.


Yes, you've got it! What's the story with taller women and smaller men? Is it just me or does anyone else think that this arrangement looks just a little strange?


I've not seen the movie Last Chance Harvey, but I would bet money that in it the height differential between Ms Thompson and Mr Hoffman is not as obvious as it was in real life at the premiere.  If my theory is right, I think it proves that, for many of us, the sight of tall women with significantly smaller men is a little uncomfortable.  sophie d.jpg


Am I just ridiculously old fashioned about wanting to feel a little protected by my man and to be able to comfortably able to rest my head on his shoulder? And how on earth does dancing work? I'm fascinated. Am I alone?


Perhaps my fascination has something to do with the fact that I'm six feet tall. And for the record my other half is not Mr Universe, he's also six feet tall. But it works!

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I totally agree. It all looks a 'little' odd. Do you think these relationships go through more 'ups and downs' than most?!

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