What's up with Katie?

katie price.jpgKatie Price has clearly had a great time partying day and night in Ibiza for the last week or so. Good for her. Everyone needs to let their hair down sometimes. 


However I will restrain myself from commenting on some of the 'outfits' she was photographed cavorting in. And I won't pass judgement on her decision to have a big X tattooed over the tattoo of her ex husbands name on her arm.  Mmmm. 


However, Katie, or Jordan as she seems to have regressed to, does not look like a happy girl to me.  There is something kind of manic, and dare I say it, more than a little sad about this mom of three children behaving more like a teenager on a drunken binge holiday in the sun. 


Where are her friends?  We all need good pals who can hit us with the truth when we ourselves can't see the wood from the trees.  And to me (and my perhaps over active imagination) Katie, although surrounded by people, looks lonely and lost.


In the meantime, Peter Andre is playing the perfect father and indeed stepfather as pictures of him spending time with their children in Cyprus seem to prove.  The photos, especially of him and Harvey are heart warming. 


Look at what you have lost, Katie.  It is no wonder you are acting so crazy.  If I was your friend I would be telling you to take time out and make sure you are doing the right thing.


Or is this all some bizarre PR game that is too subtle for me to understand? 

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Oh you're so right. It's just awful to see this car crash of a life and of course, as usual, it's the innocent children who will suffer. Whatever about Jordan or Katie, shouldn't she just concentrate on Mum?

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