Go on Victoria.... Smile!

vicb.jpgSwinging on a swing that seems to be strung in the porch of a posh London house must be great fun.  Imagine the wind in your hair as you carve an arc out over the footpath.  And even if you were actually swinging as part of an advertisement, surely it must still make you smile. 


Not so Victoria Beckham.  This is a wonderful photo of her on the aforementioned swing, not a hair astray, pout in place, eyes behind huge shades and heels pointing downwards.  And apparently she was directing the ad.  One would also imagine that directing a film would also make you become a bit animated.  Not Posh.  How can being on a swing be so serious? 


Now take a look at the seemingly mad wombat who is Eva Longoria Parker on holiday.  A wild and reckless leap off a yacht into the ocean.  Full of animation and joy! Perhaps it's her Latino spirit!


And aren't these women friends?  OK, Hollywood friends rather than bosom buddies.  Anyway they do see each other occasionally.  Maybe Victoria should go on holiday with the desperate housewife and learn how to throw caution to the wind every now and again.  Uncover her inner joy.  You never know she might even learn to let the pout go occasionally!

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try harder to push Posh to have holiday with Eve ops! Eva not only with David hopefully that pout will go occasionally.

I agree, I dont know why she finds it so hard to put a smile on her face. She says she doesnt look good when she does it ut who doesnt look better when they are smiling. It really annoys me actually.

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