Brand New Russell

I have a strange relationship with Russell Brand. For many years he has frightened the life out of me. His unique, off beat, quick-fire, articulate and often controversial style of comedy both attracts and repulses me in almost equal measure.

russell and katy.jpgHis physicality has the same effect. There is no doubt he oozes sexiness with his long, often leather clad legs, which are a treat, as his swagger. But too often he has looked as if he needs a bath. And as for that bed head, birds nest that occupied the back of his head. Well, all I can say is that it was more collapsed Ivana Trump than sex symbol.

But have you noticed the change in dear Russell? No more birds nest and he looks quite fragrant now! He is altogether shinier and brighter. Nowadays I often find myself smiling at the pictures of him and his new fiancée Katy Perry. They look so great together.  He looks like he has finally found himself and has kept what was working and ditched what was not. Proving perhaps that there is nothing like the love of a good woman to bring out the best in a man!

Good luck to them both. I hope to go the distance. I can't wait to see their kids!

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I prefer old Russell.
Back-combed barnet and all.

I'm having Russell Brand hair-withdrawals...


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