Prince Harry O'Windsor?

blogpic.jpgIt is said that writing can betray more about the writer than the subject being written about. I am aware that I have in the past referred to my guilty affection for many seemingly inappropriate men, such as Marco Pierre White, and more recently, Russell Brand. This week I am off down the same path, but this time the subject of my affection is Prince Harry, a young man who seems to be really coming into his own of late.

I always liked Harry, perhaps because as a little boy he looked like he might have been more at home on a farm in deepest rural Ireland, with his red hair and pale, flushed complexion. He always seemed to suffer by comparison with his older and more handsome brother. But time has been good to the junior Prince. He has developed into a very attractive young man with an open, expressive face and eyes that are full of devilment and high jinks. And he has just that slight whiff of danger about him, which is obviously why he is joining Messrs White and Brand among my guilty pleasures.

Not so his older brother, who in his youth seemed very much his mother's son with classic blond good looks. But as he ages, Prince William seems to be morphing into his father. He's most likely a nice fella, but he does somewhat give the impression of being old before his time and will probably make a good husband; conservative and steady. Perfect King material, I suspect. But, as we say in Ireland, for a bit of craic, give me Harry O'Windsor any day.

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