Is it bye-bye Becks as cricketers show who's Boss?

cricket-b.jpgI've never been one for sport - all that sweating makes your make-up run. But having spent the evening with a cabal of cricketers - well, OK, having stood next to them - at the launch of Hugo Boss White Edition, I have decided to exercise, even if it is just control of the remote in front of the TV this summer during the Ashes.

Because as well as being supremely talented on the pitch, our young men are showing a certain skill on the style front, too, swapping their cricket whites for flatteringly well-cut Hugo Boss suits and boyband haircuts. Special mention must go to Stuart Broad, with his blonde highlights, expertly slicked hair with flicks in just the right places and long eyelashes over baby blues on lightly tanned skin. At 22 years of age, he's a sure contender to become the style icon of English cricket to football's David Beckham and rugby's Danny Cipriani.

And he's full of sound style advice, too, criticising the dress sense of the older players, particularly Andrew Strauss whose taste is "particularly bad". "He's very public school - his collar's always up and he wears smart shoes all the time," he said of the captain, who retaliated by complaining about the amount of time 'Broady' spends in front of the mirror before they go out to field, accusing him of spending longer in the bathroom than his girlfriend.

Appropriately, the new Hugo Boss scent, White in Motion - which goes on sale on June 3 - comes in a bottle shaped like a cricket ball, with musky, woody notes diffusing through an opening burst of fresh, citrusy scent. I asked 'Broady' about his favourite scent, and the perfect gent, as well as style icon in the making, diplomatically replied that it's whatever his girlfriend's wearing. Or maybe he just couldn't remember the name of her favourite perfume...
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