Shock, horror! Weight-loss advice that really works!

beauty-200.jpgMarisa Peer must be a magician. Since attending one of her seminars, I have found myself reaching past the PG for the peppermint tea and banishing the bagels I used to rely on to feel full.

Most shocking of all for a carb-crazed, choc hogging, cheese nibbler, I've caught myself sighing with delight while eating chicken salad - the kind of satisfaction only previously achieved with a bag of Percy Pigs from M&S.

I haven't touched a piece of pasta or bread and rice now only passes my lips attached to sushi. Diet cola, tea, coffee, saturated fats, ready meals and, most miraculous of all, bags of Haribo and penny sweets from the corner shop have been replaced with herbal tea, salad, fruit, nuts and lots of protein. I've even swapped daily milk for soya - and dropped cheese and butter altogether.

OK, I need to work on getting a bit more fibre in there (although I still have porridge for brekkie), certainly more root veg and probably extra carbs, too. But it's a great start for a former carboholic.

And all Marisa does is share her impressive knowledge about the unhealthiness of the western diet, the toxins in our foods and the by-products of intensive farming.

Hearing about the puss and mucus allowed into dairy milk by EU law, the animal hooves contained within gelatine found in many sweets and the calcium sapping phosphoric acid in certain drinks, you can feel your tastebuds going into hiding.

And with a spot of hypnotherapy at the end of the session to cement everything you've learned into your unconscious, it's enough to send you screaming to the salad bar (although, unfortunately, I was the one person in the room who didn't succumb).

Marisa is best-known as the weight-loss therapist who found fame on TV's Celebrity Fit Club and Supersize vs Superskinny, but you can benefit from her wisdom through her books, including You Can Be Thin, which is also the title of her seminars.

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