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As you'll have seen from a story this week, Italian fans of Twilight were given a glimpse of the action in the sequel to the saga as Robert and his co-stars began lensing more scenes for New Moon. Just as all seemed to be going smoothly in Italy, though, photos from the most popular scene in the book were leaked.

Bella's frenzied dash to the pool to reach Edward before he exposes his glisteningly pale skin, as well as the tryst that followed, were plastered all over the net, oozing from viral sites to mainstream headlines in a matter of minutes.

This has spurred heated debate among Twilighters over whether to peek or not to peek.

Many fans, moi included, clamour for anything related to Twilight. Knowing exact filming locations, glimpses of Edward's chalky makeup, and video clips of the infamous yellow Porsche all give me butterflies. Seeing my favourite book come to life bit by bit, and the flick unfolding before1469-b.jpg my eyes is exciting.

But a select group of Twilighters scoff at anything that could possibly fall into the "spoiler" category. They know that a yellow Porsche will make its way into the movie, but seeing the proof detracts from the end experience. Instead of watching small snippets of filming, they prefer to take a backseat approach and wait until the movie debuts in its entirety. Only under those conditions do they want to feast their eyes on Edward's sexy six-pack.

So which category do you fall into?

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