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Hey everybody!  This my is my first post on my Films and Fiction Blog.  I'll be posting news and reviews guessed it - films and fiction!  

The summer is in full-swing and it is the perfect time to treat yourself to some relaxing reading time.  If you're looking for an easy summer read, then I might have just the thing for you:

If this is Paradise, I want my Money Back
by Claudia Carroll
Published by: Transworld Ireland

Claudia first rose to fame as an actress in the Irish soap Fair City and has since gone on to become a very successful author.  She now writes full-time and If this is Paradise, I want my Money Back is her sixth novel.  
It tells the story Charlotte Gray - a thirty-something year-old assistant in a Dublin acting agency. Charlotte finds herself in a coma, hovering between life and death.  She was invloved in a car accident following a raging row with her ex-boyfriend James in which he dumped her for a young actress.  Charlotte is less than impressed with her afterlife.  Much to her disappointment, there's no Elvis Presley or Curt Kobain, it's just one big retirement home in the sky.  So when she is offered the opportunity to go back to earth as a an angel, Charlotte jumps at the chance.  Only problem is, she is assigned to watch over the very person that landed her in this position.  Carroll's new book is a delightful mix of magic and humour.  The coma plot has been used in countless films and books already, but Carroll puts a nice new spin on it.  If a light summer read is what you're after, then If This is Paradise... is definitely worth checking out.  
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Hi Laura, welcome to your Hello blog! Lovely first post and looking forward to many, many more.

Great post - I need a book for my holiday so will have to grab a copy!

I read Claudia Carroll's first couple of books and loved them, so I shall have to check this one out too. Sounds interesting.

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