Putting in the practice for my new name

signature-b.jpgEarlier this week, we were going through the mountains of paperwork in the spare room looking for bank statements, when, amongst all the old magazines, degree essays and piles of receipts, I came across a school exercise book.

Not that interesting, granted, but as I flicked through I saw the back few pages were completely dedicated to the great loves in my life. Well the ones from my fifth form anyway.

Alongside the usual 'Gemma Loves Chris' and 'GH 4 CS' doodles, as well as various others - I also found it necessary to document the love lives of all my friends - the 16-year-old me had practiced my signature... as Gemma Strong. Just in case my new boyfriend of about three weeks and I ever decided to marry.

In my defence I would like to think I intuitively knew Chris was the one for me, rather than face the possibility my behaviour was a little creepy!

So you see, having made some minor adjustments to my earlier attempts, this is one aspect of married life I am all over. And rather than being freaked out - well maybe a little - Chris seemed quite touched by my adolescent efforts. In fact he even chose a favourite.
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I'm slightly disturbed by this latest blog. The word 'stalker' springs to mind!


Funny I did the same! The first time you actually "do" the signature is when you sign in on your honeymoon form at the hotel.....I spent at least two minutes writing Kim Harwood - suddenly realising I was Kim Strong!
The chap on reception looked at me kinda weird- like 'oh yes you are a single couple getting a room' - but we then explained we had just got married and I was in actual fact Mrs Strong.
It is strange but you do get used to it. Now I am the only Mrs Strong until you get married - that is even weirder!
So start practising, your whole handwriting thing will change.......trust me- your signature needs to be practised!!!

Once I decided on my new signature I used it as a doodle for about 6 months before the wedding! But when I got back from honeymoon I decided that having my actual signature lying about the place wasn't that good an idea!! LOL! Get practicing, it'll be with you forever, and if you're anything like me, you'll love signing it every time!!!


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