Brothers: The very best of best men

brothers-b.jpgOne of the perks to planning your own wedding is celebrating each landmark step. So naturally Chris and I are embracing every single one.

We have toasted everything from the arrival of the save the date cards, to choosing the castle, to finding my wedding dress - admittedly celebrating something we couldn't talk about was an odd experience.

And there were more smiles in the Hollingsworth/Strong residence this week. Chris chose his best man. Make that best men - his two younger brothers Al and Steve.

This is good news for me on a number of different levels. For starters my future brothers-in-law will do an amazing job on the day. They both know around ninety per cent of our guests so they will have no problem bringing everyone together and helping organise the weekend.

And, loathed though I am to admit this and risk further increasing their egos, their speech will no doubt be absolutely brilliant - a real double act. As Chris put it, they will bounce off each other like Penn & Teller. Hmmm.

But, of course, we won't just benefit on the day. Oh no. With his best men chosen, Chris actually has a chance of having a stag do which, frankly, would never have happened if it had been left to him to organise.

And then there was the problem of the groom party's wedding outfits. For the last two months, my man's 'sole' contribution to any clothing-related discussions has been to inform me - in no uncertain terms - that he will be wearing spats to our wedding. As in the black and white shoes.

Needless to say he definitely won't be. So having the input of his two brothers, one of whom is so immaculately groomed he could be a Topman mannequin, can only be a good thing.

By the time we get married, I will have known Al and Steve for ten years and there is no-one who I would rather have standing by Chris' side at our wedding...provided they follow my rules!
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Topman?!......More like Ralph Lauren,All Saints,Jack Wills, but i get what you are trying to say!

"two brothers, one of whom is so immaculately groomed he could be a Topman mannequin"......I assume this is referring to Steve??

He wants to wear spats and you are not going to let him!? That would be amzing!

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