Multi-tasking even men can enjoy!

blog-castle.jpgIt's amazing how much you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

More incredible still is what you can achieve when a whole day of wedding meetings have been arranged for you.

Which is precisely what Chris and I were blessed with when we headed to Bickleigh Castle for our catch-up meeting on the Friday before Christmas.

Primarily we were there for the food tasting - not much of a chore admittedly. From perusing the menu, and being creatures of habit, we had already anticipated which of the two options per course we would choose.

But, as is so often the way, our opinions completely changed and we eventually decided upon the alternative choice in every course - bar none.

Food down and we went along for a meeting to touch base with Sharon. Good news there - we are all up to date and right where we need to be planning-wise... admittedly I can only say this having since raced down to get the wedding actually registered.

The next stage in the day was, for us, probably the most exciting. We met our amazing photographer, Andy Green, who had travelled all the way from Birmingham for the occasion.

Both Chris and I love his work so much that I want to give him an entry of his own - suffice to say that our introduction has made the photography one of the parts of the wedding we are most looking forward to.

And then it was time to make final arrangements with our florist Polly. We did the lot - bridal party bouquets sorted, floral table decorations done, and even flowers to be displayed around the castle were all agreed upon.

As the evening set in, our little party embarked on the final mission of the day - photographing and taking notes on each of the bedrooms at Bickleigh in preparation for us starting to allocate guests.

Eventually, like a couple of children, the excitement of the day proved too much for Chris and I. We both feel asleep on the car journey back to Hampshire, exhausted from the early start but oh so smug with how productive we had been.
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Myself and my H2B have brought our wedding forward a year, we are also getting married at Bickleigh in May. I am so excited although we have only decided to bring it forward in Jan, so we have been to busy. I think everything is organised, What I have found had is all the little bits, like confetti, Bridesmaid Jewellery and shoes, and all my Jewellery, all the small things that you dont think of till nearer the time.
I have been following you blog since Last year when sarah mentioned you were getting married there. It great to hear other peoples progress.
Good luck and Il keep reading to see how you getting on.
Oh by the way Hen nights what a nightmare, I am having a cocktail making and murder mystery evening.

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