New York, New York

ny.jpgI'll admit, I do consider myself to be fairly well-travelled for my age.

That said I am aware I might be one of the only 26-year-old girls who hasn't been to America. Ever.

Not for want of trying, obviously. I have cast my mind back and by my estimation Chris and I have said we are going to the States annually for the last five years - did I mention we are life's 'talkers' rather than 'doers'?

More often than not, we would vocally make plans together to go for our anniversary, sometimes we even got as far as looking at hotels.

But what with work commitments, visiting friends and of course the inevitable lack of funds after Christmas, it just never happened.

How fitting then that 2010 - already what I consider to be one of my truly 'great years' - will see my first ever visit across the Atlantic.

That's right, we are going to New York. And not just in theory either - this time it is all booked and paid for.

My priorities before we go are finding a trusty Lonely Planet guide to the Big Apple - I hear there is a Sex and the City tour - and of course making every attempt to clear my credit card... My suggestion that Chris economise with his packing to make way for my new purchases went down like a lead balloon.

What's more, we are staying in Times Square, which is where we will be when we wake up on the morning of our tenth anniversary - marking a whole 12 months since 'the engagement'.

Honestly I am quite proud of myself for insisting - it definitely wasn't 'nagging' - that we make such an effort this year, not only because it is a landmark event, but also because we have to top, or at least equal, the Rome trip.

But every triumph comes at a price.

The mere mention of going out to dinner for Valentine's Day this year had Chris nearly hyper-ventilating.

"We can't do that," he cried. "We have just booked to go away; we need to save our money. I tell you what I'll cook you a lovely dinner at home."

I am not proud of my next comment, and yes, I'm fully aware of how spoilt I must seem... "But you cook for me every night," I complained. "So you really will have to make the effort and pull out all the stops to make it really special."

At that point Chris stopped what he was doing to look at me, before sighing and shaking his head. And then he made his way back into the kitchen...
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Make sure you guys do the Empire state building at night time, and do the outside deck (86th floor). It is very romantic, and the view with all the lights is outrageously beautiful!

Hehe, LOVE this one! Made me laugh outloud! Have a wonderful anniversary xx

How very exciting!!! I too have never been to America, but will one day I'm sure!! Have a wonderfull time!!!


We hope you have a great time & enjoy every minute as it will go so fast & the shopping is great there. We went, oh way back in 96,' yes I can remember that far back!!! It was great & make sure you spend loads of money have fun lots of love Michelle xxx

Gemma - hope you and Chris have a wonderful time. I've only been to New York airports and only seen Manhattan from the air.
from Vivica's Mum


I am so happy for you both and YES Chris will have to pull out all the stops! 10 years with him is a truly great achievement and deserves a celebration! We'll be having a drink for you xxxxxxx

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