Bridal bliss

blog-dress.jpgThe last time I saw my wedding dress was back in September. And at that stage my first fitting at the start of June felt an age away.

But at lunchtime today my dress and I were finally reunited.

Nine months is a long time to go without seeing any purchase, particularly one of such importance, and I was a little apprehensive before my appointment. What if I didn't like it anymore? What if I had put on weight and couldn't actually get it on? And what if it was nothing like I remembered?

Arriving at the appointment with my friend Kath, I was still feeling nervous until the curtains of the dressing room were pulled back - and there was my dress.

It isn't exactly as I had remembered. For starters I was convinced my gown was a brilliant white, where as it is in fact much more ivory. And it's definitely heavier than I had remembered - negotiating stairs might be more trouble than I anticipated.

But I absolutely love it. Twirling around in the dressing room, I remembered exactly why I had fallen in love with it; it's perfect for me.

What's more, aside from some tightening up at the top, there are no adjustments to be made. And I can pick up my finished dress - and the co-ordinated shoes I just purchased at the bridal shop - on June 23. Let's just hope that BA manage to find my veil in time!
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Great Bridal Dress Post have added to our blog... thanks Emma

Wedding list please for the "oldies"----John Lewis is usually great.
Enjoy it all, Jill

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