Mrs Strong is in the building...

wedding-s.jpgWe did it! On Saturday July 3, Chris and I became husband and wife on what will always be the very best day of my life.

Nearly a month has passed since then, but our three week honeymoon completely suspended reality - I am happy to report we are still very much in our little wedding bubble.

I have been at a loss what to write about in my first blog back. But to prevent it turning into an essay of enormous proportion, I shall write in sections to keep it short and sweet.

First up - life as a newlywed so far. Honestly, it's a very strange feeling. Neither of us have really changed as people - Chris is still very much Chris; he lost his wedding ring twice within the first week of married life. But I feel excited and proud that he is now my husband.

Of course I still haven't gotten used to my marital name. And I am really going to have to work on responding when people call me Mrs Strong - staff at our honeymoon resorts must have thought I was either incredibly rude, or some sort of an imposter.

But that will come in time. This week I shall make a start on making it official and changing over my passport, driving licence etc which should help matters.

So, so far so good! We have only just returned home - Chris did carry me over the threshold, which was no mean feat after three weeks of four course meals - and we are still adjusting to becoming husband and wife.

But all in all, life is just perfect. And after finishing my first day back at work today, I shall return home to my husband, still walking on cloud nine.
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congrats and all that good stuff sorry we missed it But Like Mick and My self you have been living together as husband and wife already so nothing much changes except you had a big party with a slight interuption The actual deed ( thats what Mick always says )lol followed by a really super holiday but good luck to the both of you it won't be long before you are celebrating 31 years like Mick and me xxxxxxxxx

Congratualtions & welcome home Mr & Mrs Strong. We have to say the wedding was lovely & we truly enjoyed ourselves. The added touches regarding your Mum & Dad were lovely & appropriate for your day. Seems like a lifetime ago now since we were there with you celebrating your special day. You will soon get use to being called Mrs Strong & life carrying on as it did before for you both. All the best for a long & happy life together xxxxx

Random question here, but my fiance found a save the date that she really liked, but can't find it again. Then somehow we came across your blog from before you got married and it was the same save the date (with the groom proposing in a cartoon sketch). Can you PLEASE send me an email and let me know who you used to get these? She would be extremely excited if you did.

Thanks and congratulations!


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