The wedding - part two

gem-casino-200.jpgIt's true that when I woke up on the morning before the wedding I was not at my sparkling best. The late night and celebratory drinks were mostly to blame, but so too were the nerves, which really kicked in around lunchtime.

It's a strange thing to see your nearest and dearest converging in one place, and as people began to arrive I did start to feel a bit overwhelmed. Because of course, on top of greeting new arrivals, Chris and I still had a few things to sort out.

There was the walkthrough with the photographer, a run-through of the ceremony itself and a rehearsal with the reverend leading our blessing, and then there was decorating, the cupcakes and the casino to arrange.

Do-able, but only just. Evidently the sheer panic on my face was quite noticeable because an hour before the rehearsals started, Chris grabbed my hand and whisked me away.

As a woman on the edge - well, close to it - I wouldn't have chosen a game of tennis to help calm my nerves. How little I know. We went and played, badly, for a good 40 minutes, and having laughed a great deal, I returned to the hustle and bustle feeling like a new woman - one more than capable of staging a wedding.

By way of kicking off our weekend, Chris and I had arranged for a casino night with roulette, a black jack table and a prize for the best man and woman. Turns out I am something of a pro in the latter; by the end of the night, I had made the most fake money out of all the ladies.

My celebrations were short-lived however; Chris wouldn't let me keep the prize - M&S vouchers - pointing out that since we had bought them, one of our guests should take them home. Had it not been the night before our wedding, I might not have been quite so obliging.

The night was a big success and was a great way for people to get to know each other before the wedding itself. What's more it allowed Chris and I to spend time with our guests without feeling the pressure of talking to everyone on our wedding day.

I am proud to report I was sensible that night; I think I was actually in bed by 12.30. Before I went to sleep, I wrote Chris a letter to read the next morning and had a final girly chat with my bridesmaids Laura and Lisa. And then it was time to go to sleep.

I didn't feel anything deeply profound or noteworthy on my last night as a single woman; I just felt incredibly happy. And I really couldn't wait to wake up the next morning.
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Chris took you off to play tennis to calm your nerves?! More like chris took you off to play tennis as he was jealous that we had all been playing, plus im sure he thought you were an easy win!!

I love the fact that you only post comments from people who know you ..... I stopped reading your blog for precisely that reason. Why bother putting something personal in a very public domain, if you are not interested in sharing positive things others may have to add / share. Just comes across as a totally self indulgent way to stroke your own ego.

Congratulations and let's raise our glasses to Mr & Mrs Strong. Good luck and best wishes.

We have all enjoyed reading about your wedding & the run up to it. I think Bridget above has missed the point for this blog. Yes it is about you as it is you that is getting married & may seem indulgent to some but then again in my experience from the negative comments she sounds very bitter & jealous that she doesn't seem to have the oportunity to have such a fantastic wedding!!! My advice get a life this blog has been fantastic & really informative as we live such a long way from them to be able to help, so this has kept everyone informed. Well done from us all here xxxx

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