The honeymoon - part three

plane-200.jpgHaving starred death in the face on safari, Chris confronted his biggest fear back in Nairobi - a 15-seat propeller plane.

Part two of our honeymoon was an 11-day stay at Kipungani, a very secluded resort on the island of Lamu. And the only way to get there was onboard the smallest aircraft either of us have ever been on.

There was only one way Chris was boarding this particular flight and that was if he got the window seat, which was fine - although giving him a direct view of a propeller proved to be a bad move.

It was a very tense hour. But finally we came in to land at Lamu airport. And what an airport it is; the arrivals lounge is a patch of grass located 50 metres from the landing strip, and the adjacent departures area, a corrugated iron roof sheltering a few benches. Amazingly, though, it still has a small duty-free section, albeit it in a hut.

boat-200.jpgWe then faced a 45-minute ride in a speedboat to get to Kipungani; this immediately perked Chris up. As he raced along the water with his aviators firmly in place, I think he saw himself as a James Bond type figure. The good wife I am, I chose not to mention the bright orange lifejacket.

Our first glimpse of our resort was from the sea, and it looked like paradise. With nothing but beach for miles around, Kipungani seemed a tranquil haven hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Lamu, and the perfect place for the second part of our honeymoon...
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sounds brilliant- I can picture the scene -Chris kinda looking like Danial Craig aka James Bond but with a bright orange Life jacket on- was this a turning point of the honeymoon I wonder ha ha - romance is not dead.....just changes when you get that ring on your finger (such a shame!) xxxxxxxxxx

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