coleen post baby.jpgA lot has been written about Coleen Rooney since she gave birth to son Kai earlier this month. Recent press articles have questioned her decision to attend a Beyonce concert with 'the girls' and stay out until 1.30am just 10 days after giving birth.

On face value, it is easy to condemn Coleen for this. Surely she should be at home bonding with her little boy, say the newspaper commentators. But having two children myself, I think the more intriguing question is, how on earth did she manage to summon up the energy to get dolled up and go out so soon after giving birth? I could barely string a sentence together, let alone paint my nails and put on 'proper' ladies shoes after my son was born.

I think it was seven weeks later when I first attempted to go out - to a work Christmas party. I had a thoroughly miserable time. I felt awful as none of my clothes fitted me. I wasn't drinking as I was breast-feeding and driving. And despite an initial flurry of excitement, everyone soon lost interest in me and my life as a new mum, quickly turning their attention to the next bottle of wine. My life had just changed dramatically. Theirs hadn't, and it all felt a little awkward.

I can understand Coleen wanting to prove to herself - and possibly the watching world - that life does go on after you have a baby. To give her some credit she did look amazing in her elegant shift dress and towering heels (no doubt ably assisted by a team of stylists). But I wonder how she really felt deep down? Did she enjoy her night? Was she secretly wishing to be back home with Wayne and her little boy, or was she delighted to be picking up her celeb lifestyle where she left off?

She certainly isn't the first celebrity mum to be chastised for her behaviour, and I'm sure she won't be the last. But let's not forget that she is a relatively young mum, so was it that terrible of her to want a few hours to herself, with her Louboutins and girlie friends? Perhaps not.

It's an interesting debate.

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Wow - it's been a rather hectic time in the celebrity labour wards recently with the news of three hotly anticipated babies making their entrance into the world.


First up, Colin Farrell became a daddy for the second time when his Polish girlfriend Alicja Bachleda gave birth to a baby boy in early October. This little fella gets the auspicious title of Henry Tadeusz Farrell! Let's hope they just stick to calling him Henry!


rooneys.jpgWayne Rooney has the prefect beginnings of his own little football team as wife Coleen finally (nine days after her due date!) gave birth to a baby boy who they have called Kai Wayne. Another England striker in the making I wonder?!


And finally - not be to outdone in the new daddy stakes - Mel Gibson has done it, again. According to reports in the US, Mr Braveheart himself welcomed a baby girl to his ever increasing clan with his Russian girlfriend Oksana.


So with all these babies safely delivered, who is next on bump watch?


carla.jpgWell, keeping the pregnancy rumour flag flying high is France's first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy who has cancelled many of her commitments in the last month amid rumours that she and French President Nicolas are expecting their first child. Now that would be a maternity wardrobe worth keeping an eye on!

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natasha 2.jpg

In the year since Natascha McElhone's husband, Martin Kelly, a talented and charismatic plastic surgeon died, she's focused her energy on her family of three boys.


Bringing light and love into the lives of Theo, nine, Otis, six and Rex, one, born five months after his father's death, has of course been her priority.  


But the actress, mum, and genuinely lovely lady - who stars in US TV series Californication - has also found time to help other mothers living in a world a million miles away away from her life of privilege.


Recently back from Angola after a trip to see first hand the impact the tetanus disease has had on communities and how vaccines are making a dramatic difference, Natascha told the Daily Telegraph of how she ended up unwittingly acting as a midwife.


She was particularly moved by the experience in a labour ward of a recently established clinic, where she witnessed six women in labour with no pain relief and just one midwife between them.


"I noticed (one woman's) breathing had changed. I thought to myself that sounds like she's going into transition, the period before you start to push," she told the paper.


"A few moments later, I caught the girl's eye and she nodded towards her pelvis.


"I lifted up her blanket to make her more comfortable - and goodness, there was a new baby there."


Now there is a little girl somewhere in Matala, southern Angola named after a beautiful Hollywood actress.


The baby's exotic name is not the only legacy of Natascha's visit. 


Her trip served to launch the 2009 Pampers/UNICEF '1 pack = 1 vaccine' campaign to eliminate tetanus.


Nataschabrandedcap2.jpgSpeaking from the heart about the dreadful conditions in which mothers give birth without so much as a clean, sterilised knife to cut a newborn baby's umbilical cord, Natascha emphasised the need to educate communities and encourage them to adopt hygienic birthing practices. 


Having faced the pain and heartache of the death of her own husband when he was just 42, Natascha spoke openly about her admiration for the incredible strength shown by the women, many of whom had lost many of whom had lost several babies to tetanus.


"I don't think we met a single woman who hadn't witnessed the death of one of her children. I may have lost my husband, but I don't have the same challenges that these women face every day". 


During her time there the 37-year-old bonded with several of the mums, who showed her how to tie baby Rex on to her back in the traditional African way using a piece of cloth.


When she asked if her little one wouldn't fall off, they chuckled and for a moment the British actress and her new friends were united in both grief and laughter.   


For more information on the campaign against tetanus and how you can help, please visit the Pampers or UNICEF websites.


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suri cruise heels.jpg

So we all saw the recent pictures of Suri Cruise wearing kitten heels on a shopping trip in Boston with mum Katie Holmes.


Not the footwear most of us would choose for such an outing, but before we cry out in alarm and become overly critical (as, I must admit, was my initial reaction), let's put this into perspective.


Most mothers with a three-year-old girl will know how much they love to dress up as princesses and totter around in their mummy's shoes.


I don't have any daughters but even my boys, from the age of around two, have made a bee-line for my most sparkly and highest party shoes and have made gallant attempts to strut their stuff up and down the landing in them (I don't get to wear them all that often so they might as well!).


So, although it is easy to gasp in shock about a mother allowing her daughter to wear heels when not obviously playing dress-up, perhaps this was just a case of one mother indulging her little girl's princess fantasy.


suri cruise flats.jpg

Thankfully, Katie proved that she knows a thing or too about the reality of footwear and shopping trips and Suri was later changed into a much more appropriate, practical and way cuter pair of pink pumps.


Let's hope she sticks to the flats from now on. Already hailed as the fashion leader among the pre-school set, Suri's choice of footwear could easily spark a new trend of tottering tots. Now that would be something to see!

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heidi klum.jpgI couldn't possibly ignore the amazing pictures of Heidi Klum and her fantastic bump at the Emmy Awards in LA this week.


There are bumps, and then there are bumps! I guess there is no denying this one!


A few weeks away from the arrival of her fourth child (a girl), one can only applaud Ms Klum for looking so resplendent and putting her bump on show with such pride.


Of course, decked out in an expensive designer frock and with fabulous hair and make-up, most mums-to-be could probably look this good, but it's another matter as to whether we could summon up the energy to go out to a social event - and with the world's camera lenses following our every move as well. The poor girl probably just wanted to curl up on the sofa in something much more comfortable and have her feet rubbed! I'm guessing the floor length gown is hiding flat shoes and very swollen ankles!


Heidi was quoted as saying that she was delighted not to have to suck her tummy in for this red carpet appearance! Not that she has much of a tummy problem on a normal day at the office.


Anyway, good on ya Heidi. You're a great advert for displaying your bump with pride and with style!

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There must have been a lot of twinkles in celebrities eyes over the last few months as this week we are delighted to hear of not one, not two, not three but four pregnancy announcements!


sara cox.jpgWinning the prize for the most modern way to share this news is Radio One DJ Sara Cox who announced that she is expecting her third child though latest social networking phenomenon, Twitter.


News travels impossibly fast on this virtual super-highway, so let's hope she got round to telling all the family and friends first!


Meanwhile, rumours that Brazilian beauty Gisele and husband Tom Brady are expecting a baby have finally been confirmed with the coupe announcing that their baby is due in December.


Next up, Irish actor Colin Farrell confirmed at the weekend that he is to become a father for the second time. The Dubliner, who starred in black comedy In Bruges, confirmed his actress girlfriend is expecting the couple's first baby.


zucker.jpgAnd finally, England footballer Joe Cole and wife Carly Zucker who were married three months ago, have announced that their 'honeymoon baby' dreams have come true and they are expecting their first baby in six months. Ms Zucker is already sporting a tiny baby bump.


With all these yummy mummys in waiting, we can look forward to plenty more bump-envy in the months ahead, and who knows, if all these parents-to-be catch on to the Twitter craze, we can expect to hear a lot more of the pitter patter of tiny tweets!

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buffy.jpgAs a mum to two fabulous but utterly exhausting boys, I am completely fascinated by (oh, alright, completely envious of) celebrity mums and their offspring.


I am constantly amazed by the style and glamour of heavily pregnant starlets who sashay down the red carpet radiating elegance in their towering Louboutins and designer frocks. We see endless images of celeb mums-to-be positively blooming and showing off their burgeoning baby bumps in true Hollywood style, while most of us are still suffering from morning sickness and unable to leave the house.


camila alves.jpgIn recent weeks we have seen many snaps of Sarah Michelle Gellar looking expectantly fabulous at her baby shower and shopping in LA. Even more amazing are this week's pictures of Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend Camila Alves looking every inch the perfect mum-to-be as she strolls on the beach with her one year old son. It never ceases to amaze me how toned, resplendent and fabulous these ladies manage to look. Where, pray tell, are the swollen ankles? What about the stretch marks? Heartburn, anyone?


Should we look on with envy, or is this public parading of the bump actually a positive thing? Perhaps so. Too many mums-to-be (myself included) get all hung up about their bodies changing and putting on weight during pregnancy. We bemoan the fact that we can't find anything to wear for a night out with the girls and complain about not being able to paint our own toe nails.


Even though we may not all manage to pluck up the confidence to pose naked for a magazine cover, or stroll along the beach in a bikini when six months pregnant, maybe these ladies have a point. Pregnancy is an amazing thing and whatever your situation in life, and whatever the state of you body, it is undeniably something to be celebrated, enjoyed and hey, even flaunted to waiting camera lenses if the mood takes you!


So, here's to the glamorous bump brigade. Keep them coming ladies.

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Mel B.jpgOh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What did Mel B do to her daughter's hair? This, Ms B, is not a good look for most people, let alone a two-year-old. And little Angel is not the only celebrity child to fall victim to their scissor happy parents.


Much has been made of the fact that Angel Iris, Mel's second child, has been kept out of the media spotlight. Now we know why. Her mum was waiting for her unsuspecting daughter's hair to grow so she could give her this terrible hairstyle.


Some may call it funky, cute, cool, edgy. Not me. I think it looks absolutely dread-ful (sorry, couldn't resist) and leads me to ask the question, why can't celebrity children be left as children, rather than being turned into fashion statements? Why do celebrity parents insist on using their kids to try and make themselves look cool? I shouldn't think for one minute that Angel requested this style after browsing through several Celebrity Hair magazines. I doubt whether she ran squealing with delight out of the salon, checking her reflection in shop windows as she toddled by.


So we have to ask, just who is this haircut really for? Is Mel afraid of giving herself such a drastic 'do', so is trying it out on her daughter first? Or does she know that Eddie Murphy has a passionate dislike for Mohicans so has done this simply to wind him up?!


Whatever the reason, let's just be thankful that Angel has comedic genes running through her veins. With her mum giving her hairstyles like that at such a tender age, she's certainly going to need a good sense of humour.

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katie holmes.jpgKatie Holmes apparently had a lucky escape on the set of her latest film when the stunt car she had just got out of caught fire. A little too close for comfort by anyone's standards.


Katie is currently in Australia with 'too-cute-for-school' daughter Suri, shooting horror film 'Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark'.


Although recent pictures of her chasing little Suri around the set show a happy looking Katie acting like any normal mother, the 30-year-old had earlier been accused of looking tired and dowdy. A mother looking tired and dowdy - never!


Observers suggested that, with Tom back in LA, she was struggling to combine her long hours on set with caring for her daughter. Pardon me for leaping to conclusions but given that she is living in billionaire friend James Packer's private suite in Melbourne, I doubt that things are soooo tough for her!


Not to be left out of the trip Down Under, Tom was with the girls for the first few weeks and was spotted shopping with Suri who picked out three lip glosses from a department store. Three? Should we assume this means one for Katie, one for Suri and one for the next little Tom-Kat kitten?


Yes, you guessed it. Some rumours suggest that Katie may be hiding the early signs of another baby bump. We shall keep a keen eye on that one.


In the meantime, let's hope Katie gets over her brush with danger and can enjoy what she does best: acting and playing chase with her little girl.

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jeff.jpgI never really followed Jade's rise to fame after she crash landed onto our screens in Big Brother, but how could anyone ignore the publicity surrounding her cancer, wedding and untimely death?


Love her or loathe her, Jade was, after all, a mother and it was impossible not to be saddened by her death and the fact that two little boys will now grow up without their mummy. Who could forget those heart-breaking pictures of them sobbing at her wedding to Jack Tweed?


It's hard to imagine how Bobby, five and Freddie four, pictured in March, are making sense of what has happened to them over the last six months.


Their father, Jeff Brazier, has maintained a quiet dignity throughout this extremely difficult period in his young son's lives. Speaking out for the first time since Jade's death, he says, "the boys were the best and truest thing she ever did. She loved them with everything she had".


jade-goody-1b.jpgHe insists he is putting their interests first, settling them into their new home and trying to keep their lives as normal as possible. For a single man in the celebrity spotlight, he certainly seems to be shouldering the burden of responsibility for their up-bringing extremely well, and with great maturity.


Jade may be gone, but she will certainly never be forgotten and you can bet that everyone's favourite Essex girl is keeping a keen eye on her boys and their father. She can be extremely proud of them all.

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