Not too posh to push

 I'm delighted to hear that Coleen Rooney, whose baby is due in October, is planning a natural birth rather than a scheduled Caesarean. Good for you Coleen. Reports had claimed she wanted a c-section two weeks before her due date because it clashed with an England away match. coleen 2.jpg

Call me old-fashioned, but I am very uncomfortable with the growing trend for celebrity mums to order their c-sections for a convenient date and time when neither they, nor their partner, are due to attend an awards ceremony or play in an important match. These are babies we are talking about being delivered - not pizzas! There is a reason why pregnancies last 40 weeks. Surely it is better to let things take their natural course, even if this does cause a scheduling problem for somebody's PA or the England Manager!


Anyway, would it really be the end of the world if Wayne had to be substituted at half time because his wife had gone into labour? He wouldn't be the first new dad to drop everything and make a mad dash to the maternity hospital, and with access to police escorts and private helicopters, he wouldn't have the added stress of navigating unfamiliar one-way systems and trying to find somewhere to park!


Whenever, and however, baby Rooney arrives, Coleen will certainly have her work cut out. She has already been approached to work on a pregnancy style guide, a post-pregnancy fitness DVD, and a range of baby clothes. When will she find time wash all those tiny vests I wonder?!  


As a role model to many other young mums, I really do hope that Coleen turns off her Blackberry and lets Mother Nature get on with what she knows best.
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Well done, Hazel - really enjoyed your blog during my lunch!

I'm all with you on that one. Wishing her (and you) well.

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