A bevy of beautiful bumps

buffy.jpgAs a mum to two fabulous but utterly exhausting boys, I am completely fascinated by (oh, alright, completely envious of) celebrity mums and their offspring.


I am constantly amazed by the style and glamour of heavily pregnant starlets who sashay down the red carpet radiating elegance in their towering Louboutins and designer frocks. We see endless images of celeb mums-to-be positively blooming and showing off their burgeoning baby bumps in true Hollywood style, while most of us are still suffering from morning sickness and unable to leave the house.


camila alves.jpgIn recent weeks we have seen many snaps of Sarah Michelle Gellar looking expectantly fabulous at her baby shower and shopping in LA. Even more amazing are this week's pictures of Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend Camila Alves looking every inch the perfect mum-to-be as she strolls on the beach with her one year old son. It never ceases to amaze me how toned, resplendent and fabulous these ladies manage to look. Where, pray tell, are the swollen ankles? What about the stretch marks? Heartburn, anyone?


Should we look on with envy, or is this public parading of the bump actually a positive thing? Perhaps so. Too many mums-to-be (myself included) get all hung up about their bodies changing and putting on weight during pregnancy. We bemoan the fact that we can't find anything to wear for a night out with the girls and complain about not being able to paint our own toe nails.


Even though we may not all manage to pluck up the confidence to pose naked for a magazine cover, or stroll along the beach in a bikini when six months pregnant, maybe these ladies have a point. Pregnancy is an amazing thing and whatever your situation in life, and whatever the state of you body, it is undeniably something to be celebrated, enjoyed and hey, even flaunted to waiting camera lenses if the mood takes you!


So, here's to the glamorous bump brigade. Keep them coming ladies.

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I am not sure. These celebrities have plenty of help from trainers, nutritionists and other sources to help maintain a fashionable pregnancy. It's nice that they are able to celebrate it, but I already see in my friends a fear of not being the "beautiful and glowing" mother to be with trim limbs, glossy skin and healthy blooms. Right now pregnancy is becoming just another place where we need to meet impossible standards.

Dear Hazel,
I absolutely agree with you,we need this kind of incentive :)
I am a working twin mom and I remember the time when getting porridge out of my hair was the most important task before getting to work on a Monday morning :))

The beauty of this experience in my case is that it's once in a lifetime :)
I enjoy the fact that kids turned five this sommer, so things are significantly easier now.

How old are your boys?

Best regards,

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