Cruise shoes make the news

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So we all saw the recent pictures of Suri Cruise wearing kitten heels on a shopping trip in Boston with mum Katie Holmes.


Not the footwear most of us would choose for such an outing, but before we cry out in alarm and become overly critical (as, I must admit, was my initial reaction), let's put this into perspective.


Most mothers with a three-year-old girl will know how much they love to dress up as princesses and totter around in their mummy's shoes.


I don't have any daughters but even my boys, from the age of around two, have made a bee-line for my most sparkly and highest party shoes and have made gallant attempts to strut their stuff up and down the landing in them (I don't get to wear them all that often so they might as well!).


So, although it is easy to gasp in shock about a mother allowing her daughter to wear heels when not obviously playing dress-up, perhaps this was just a case of one mother indulging her little girl's princess fantasy.


suri cruise flats.jpg

Thankfully, Katie proved that she knows a thing or too about the reality of footwear and shopping trips and Suri was later changed into a much more appropriate, practical and way cuter pair of pink pumps.


Let's hope she sticks to the flats from now on. Already hailed as the fashion leader among the pre-school set, Suri's choice of footwear could easily spark a new trend of tottering tots. Now that would be something to see!

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Who cares!!! A thousand other toddlers could be found wearing the kitten heels on a shopping outing with the big girls if anyone cared to look! But everyone is so fast to jump on Katie and accuse her of being a bad mom just because Suri wore a pair of shoes they didnt like. O M G people....get over yourselves!

I know what you're saying but Suri looks sooooooo much cuter in the sneakers.

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