Too soon to go out?

coleen post baby.jpgA lot has been written about Coleen Rooney since she gave birth to son Kai earlier this month. Recent press articles have questioned her decision to attend a Beyonce concert with 'the girls' and stay out until 1.30am just 10 days after giving birth.

On face value, it is easy to condemn Coleen for this. Surely she should be at home bonding with her little boy, say the newspaper commentators. But having two children myself, I think the more intriguing question is, how on earth did she manage to summon up the energy to get dolled up and go out so soon after giving birth? I could barely string a sentence together, let alone paint my nails and put on 'proper' ladies shoes after my son was born.

I think it was seven weeks later when I first attempted to go out - to a work Christmas party. I had a thoroughly miserable time. I felt awful as none of my clothes fitted me. I wasn't drinking as I was breast-feeding and driving. And despite an initial flurry of excitement, everyone soon lost interest in me and my life as a new mum, quickly turning their attention to the next bottle of wine. My life had just changed dramatically. Theirs hadn't, and it all felt a little awkward.

I can understand Coleen wanting to prove to herself - and possibly the watching world - that life does go on after you have a baby. To give her some credit she did look amazing in her elegant shift dress and towering heels (no doubt ably assisted by a team of stylists). But I wonder how she really felt deep down? Did she enjoy her night? Was she secretly wishing to be back home with Wayne and her little boy, or was she delighted to be picking up her celeb lifestyle where she left off?

She certainly isn't the first celebrity mum to be chastised for her behaviour, and I'm sure she won't be the last. But let's not forget that she is a relatively young mum, so was it that terrible of her to want a few hours to herself, with her Louboutins and girlie friends? Perhaps not.

It's an interesting debate.

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I don't think it means she is a bad mum! If she ended the night lying half sloshed in a gutter somewhere, it might be a different story! But all she did was go to a concert...and I'm sure her little man was well cared for in her absence.

I recently had my third son and I left him at home 9 days after giving birth so I could attend the Rugby League Grand Final with my husband - our team had made it (and hadn't won a premiership since 1986)and we had box seats! We didn't get the fairy tale ending but don't think I was a bad mum in going...

I can totally relate to that: I spent a week in the hospital with my twins and 4 days after that, I wanted to put my heels on and go out..which I did, my hubby took the pic of sleeping kids and mommy on the run :))
I look back at those *incidents* with pride, I did manage to have a life besides attending to two very demanding babies sleeping in turns.
Now I was totally alone with my babies and managed to do that, no family here, just an eternaly busy hubby, she probably has a nanny and manages to get decent night sleep, I see no reason why her night out surprised anyone.

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