Geri Halliwell - fit, fab and in love


Geri.jpg Isn't Geri Halliwell looking fit and fabulous?! After a stylish appearance at the Monaco Grand Prix where she hobnobbed with fellow glitterati, she's now enjoying the Mediterranean sun in Sardinia. With her throughout was her handsome new beau, Henry Beckwith (cousin of Tamara). He's young (seven years Geri's junior at 29), good looking, and well connected... basically, a catch!




The loved-up pair have been snapped in a variety of clinches recently, and seem to be having a ball on the party circuit. This may signal an end to the period of patchy relationships Geri has endured, including a broken engagement earlier this year. Although it's clear she's adored being a single mum to her cutie daughter Bluebell, the look on Geri's face in these shots shows just how much she's enjoying the first flush of new love again.


I've always had a soft spot for Geri for all her outspokenness and humour, and can only hope this relationship will end in a celebrity wedding with all the trimmings.

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