HP3.jpgIt's going to be a big week in film as the excitement over the latest Harry Potter installment hits fever pitch. I'm a big fan of the books, and have even gone so far as to re-read The Half Blood Prince, incidentally my favourite book of the series, in anticipation of the film. JK Rowling is a real imaginative genius in my book, and her engrossing narrative style draws me in every time.


So needless to say I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl to see the new film this week. Harry Potter films always look great, with their slick sets and a cast made up of British acting icons, however I must admit one of my pleasures is seeing how much the younger cast have changed since the last film. I recently caught a re-run of the first film on TV the other night (a sure sign of impending Potter-mania) and felt like I was meeting again with long lost nephews and niece. Daniel, Rupert and Emma looked so adorable three feet shorter, with untidy hair and little fat cheeks. Sure the stilted acting left a little to be desired, but the kids were just so darn cute it didn't really matter.


Burberry.jpg The later films have since become slicker and darker, and now the leading trio has well and truly grown up. Daniel and Rupert have flexed their acting muscle in other projects (who can forget Daniel's full monty performance in the play Equus? Talk about setting hearts a flutter). As for Emma, who would have believed the bushy haired, know it all Hermione Granger could ever turn into such a stylish nymph? Her manicured appearances at the London and New York premieres have shown just what a style maven she has become. Despite hints she might give up acting for a university career, her stylish shots for Burberry and Karl Lagerfeld will probably mean she will stay in public view.


Thumbnail image for Lagerfeld.jpgBut before we delve further into the trio's future prospects, we have three more Potter films left to enjoy (the final book is being filmed in two parts), starting with this week's offering. I hope you enjoy the three hours of pure magical escapism as much as I know I will. Until next time...

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