VB2.jpgVictoria Beckham 's star could finally be on the rise in the US, with the recent announcement she has been included on the judging panel for the latest American Idol series.


It appears that Vic will start off as a cameo judge, however with the recent announcement of Paula Abdul's departure could not have come at a better time. Who knows, perhaps her long-standing friendship with Simon Cowell will see her become a permanent judge.


Victoria's career has been up and down over the years, but I must say I've always admired her ability to reinvent herself and remain in the spotlight. Looking back all those years ago to the Spice Girls era, I think most of us would have had her pegged as the Spice least likely to succeed.


Not as outspoken as Geri, not as cute as Emma and without the voice of Mel C, she seemed destined to be a wallflower. It goes to show how far sheer determination can get you. Determined not to be outshone, she is now more famous than the other four Spices put together, and not even her superstar husband can eclipse her.


It's always amazed me that Victoria manages the press coverage she gets in America, despite the fact that people there aren't really sure what she does. It's her completely idiosyncratic style that makes sure she never goes unnoticed.


Not that she has ever been idle, indeed Victoria has had so many careers I find it difficult to remember them all: solo performer, fashion muse for Dolce & Gabbana and Cavalli, fashion designer, perfume creator... you get the idea.


She has been successful in each and has established herself as a savvy marketer of her own brand. What's more, Victoria seems to be one of the few celebrities that genuinely enjoys staying in the public eye.


Given her undoubted talent for marketing and celebrity, I think Victoria is a perfect choice for an Idol judge. Her chameleon-like ability to reinvent herself and keep herself fresh after more than ten years in the public eye is something all fame aspirants can learn from.

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