Victoria's designs on celebrity

Heidi.jpgThis is my second post in a row about Victoria Beckham, which I suppose is a testament to how impressive I'm finding her recently. Not so long ago Mrs Beckham just seemed to be another of the breed of celebrities that are famous for being out and about and not doing much. But as I flipped through the pages of my trusty HELLO! mag in the past month, I couldn't help but notice just how many high profile ladies are getting about town in her latest collection of designer dresses.


I'm sure you've seen at least a few by now, Elle Macpherson, Madonna, Katherine Jenkins and Dannii Minogue just to name a few. It seems that Mrs Beckham's fledgling design ambitions, which I've so often read her talk about, have really come to life.


What I like about the dresses is that they are figure-flattering whilst looking surprisingly comfortable to wear. It must be noted that I've not actually tried one on, but you can see from the structured look of the dresses in pictures that they seem comfortable and stylish at the same time.



I've now seen her latest collection adorn a wide variety of celebrity physiques and look unanimously fabulous. Although celebrity figures tend to vary little from the itsy-bitsy variety, the dresses have been worn by a sufficient variety of figures to show off their versatility.


Take Dannii Minogue, for instance. Neither of the Minogues are known for their stature, but this black bandeau dress elongates the body beautifully, is elegantly simple in design, with the sequined waist adding a touch of glamour.


Dannii.jpgThe 'Deep V' sheath, worn by Heidi Klum, is another example. Granted, anything worn by Heidi Klum would look good, but you can see by the cut of the dress it would flatter many figures by sucking in any wobbly bits and boosting the bust. Add a pair of high heels and you're away.


Katherine Jenkins, who would have a larger bust than your average reed-thin model like Heidi, also looked a knock-out in a Posh number which defined her curves to perfection.


It appears that Mrs Beckham has studied the female form closely, which has made her stylish and slightly retro dresses such a hit with a host of other beautiful women in the spotlight. I will certainly be keeping my eyes peels for further celebs spotted in her designs.

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