New Moon spoilers galore

Harder. Faster. Day by day leading to the release of New Moon, Summit is tempting us, throwing chunks of eye candy to die-hard fans more and more often.

This week has been climactic, to say the least.

First, the newest spot to hit the telly. Chock full of vampires, half naked men, and werewolf shape-shifting action, this trailer proves that New Moon will not disappoint fans.


Team Jacob fans will love this transformation clip. Straight from the book, Bella slaps Paul. Enjoy the wrath that follows.


And if you haven't been taunted enough, grab your tissue for this Volturi scene, released in Rome today. Though it strays from the book a bit, mustn't every successful action movie have a conflict and physical resolution? Melissa Rosenburg, screen writer for New Moon, chose to take out the Volturi's aggressions on Edward. Violently.

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i luv new moon its sooooooooo cool team jacob allll the way lolo hahaha

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