My not-so-unbiased commentary on 'New Moon'

My thirst for the New Moon premiere has been building to a frenzy over the past few weeks. A flurry of Rob and Kristen interviews from sources around the world proved the final breaking point for my mind, already chock-full of snippets and spoilers from the movie.

I decided to fast, not unlike the fiancée who suddenly denies her lover mere weeks before the wedding. But was it too late? Was my fate sealed? Would I be disappointed by the movie for which I've been clamouring for months on end?

On Thursday night we were treated with a showing of Twilight to whet our appetites for the second in the Twilight Saga. I can recite Twilight by heart - yes, I've seen the flick that many times. A series of New Moon what-ifs raced through my mind as I watched. What if Edward wasn't in the movie enough? What if Jacob didn't live up to expectations? What if Bella was drab? What if the storyline strayed?


new moon twitter exclusive.jpgA special note to my friends who've yet to see New Moon - I won't fill your heads with spoilers. What I can tell you is that, true to form, Melissa Rosenberg's script seamlessly places the book inside a neat visual package, which leaves few questions unanswered.


Perhaps the most refreshing part of the film was that it gave the supporting actors the opportunity to shine. Anna Kendrick, as Jessica, either had more lines or delivered them with the proper comic touch, or both. Her character was quite memorable, as was Michael Welch's Mike. The theatre scene provided a lot of fun, seguing brilliantly into the werewolf transformation.

Director Chris Weitz delights with well-realised imagery, plus a romp with the Volturi that's sure to satiate audiences. Best of all, Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black, is sure to turn the heads of even the most die-hard Team Edward fans. Taylor nails his character in the sweetest manner possible, with a double-dose of testosterone.

In two words: Hello biceps.
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Yes it did..... really more close to the book that the first movie.......... and some extra information not in the book.... but overall a really good movie..

I love Twilight, but I prefer Harry Potter

I hated New Moon and think it's the worst movie I've ever seen; not simply a terrible film of a great book. The music was awful by the normally wonderful Alexandre Desplats, the reddish/peachy color looked silly for a family of bloodless vampires, Rob looked like a heroin addict, Jackson's wig was ridiculous, the Volturi were like camp vaudeville not a bunch of supposedly terrifying vampires, the actors are clearly talented but even they can't rise above an awful script, and the directing touch of a sledgehammer. New Moon is supposed to pull your heartstrings but the audience I saw it with laughed all the way through. I couldn't wait to get out of the theatre and as far away as possible from this ghastly film. There's supposed to be chemistry between Bella and Edward, and Bella and Jacob—there wasn't any. I haven't met a single person who liked it. Not one. Bring back Catherine Hardwicke for Breaking Dawn, please, Summit!!!

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