2009 in review, plus my plans for a spoiler-free 2010

My obsession with the Twilight Saga began just over a year ago. It was October of 2008, when a fellow cheerleader mum turned to me and confessed her newfound love for a certain vampire family, specifically a proper, 107-year-old vampire named Edward Cullen. I had to find out what the draw was - my friend was normal in every sense of the word, and her sudden obsession was infectious.

It now seems so long since the anticipation for the first movie drove me and fellow Twilighters wild. We had custom shirts made. We squealed. We talked Twilight shop non-stop. To this day, I can infuse Twilight lingo into practically any conversation.

eclipsepromo.jpgIn 2009, my world changed when I began this blog. What started as a simple outlet to vent, spread news, and oscillate between real-world obligations and an alternate reality exploded. What would have been a pipe dream months ago - the ability to interview entertainment figures - has now become a part of my reality. Real world and alternate reality have collided, and I have only the Twilight Saga to thank for that.

As a new decade approaches, I find myself in a new Twilight world; one I can navigate more clearly. The anticipation of New Moon had me scouring the net for every tiny bit of information I could find. Spoilers meant nothing to me; they only provided an extra tinge of excitement before I immersed myself in the next new tidbit splashed across the net.

But I'm considering a New Year's resolution, and I almost kick myself for even considering it - to stay spoiler-free until the release of Eclipse. Is it possible to be a Twilight blogger and remain an Eclipse virgin? My brain was on Twilight overload almost a month before the release of New Moon, and I had to take a break. Will I find the opposite effect occuring if I abstain for six months?

Only one picture has been released of Eclipse thus far, and aside from Edward's drooping bouffant, it could be an image from any of the three movies; it hardly counts as a spoiler. So this is the time to make a resolution... a pinky swear, of sorts.

Anyone else willing to take the plunge?

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I wish I could claim that I'm going to stay Eclipse spoiler free, but I've already ruined that. Couldn't help but watch the footage of Xavier filming one of his scenes. Twas curious...gotta support my fellow Aussie and all :)

I don't like to watch Vampire movies but when my friend knowing me, suggested watching Twilight, I did last weekend. OMG... There is something about the movie that completely mesmerizes you, especially the spark between the actor and the actress. It mesmerized me so much that I had to keep watching the movie again and again over the weekend. I even insisted on going to the theatre and seeing the New Moon. But New Moon for me, I hate to say it but it was a disappointment. It was not as sparkly and romantic as the first one. I hope that the third part - Eclipse has a better story. I think its important to remember what attracted the audience in the first Twilight movie.

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