Remembering RPattz during the drought of Eclipse details

There's been a severe drought in the sumptuous world of Twilight. The third in the Saga, Eclipse, is slated for release July 9 in the UK, June 30 in the U.S.


Yet nothing has been released, short of a leak of monumental proportions (think giant white bed scene), which was quickly sloughed off any website which dared post them. My vows to remain spoiler-free were lapped up as soon as I heard that tantalizing images were floating around the internet. I realize how weak I truly am when anything bearing the name Edward Cullen is involved.


Robert Pattinson's new flick, Remember Me, is unleashed in US theaters this Friday, with the promise by Summit to unveil the Eclipse trailer. Undoubtedly, I'll be making a trek with girlfriends to delight in both a fresh look at the Twilight Saga as well as a new appreciation for Robert Pattinson sans bouffant and period clothing.


UK fans will have to wait until April 2 to feast their eyes on RPattz in his new role, but, in the meantime, you can catch the trailer and go behind the scenes.


After all, a quick fix of Rob, as Tyler or as Edward, is quite a delight, especially during this dearth of information. Stay tuned for more official word on the Eclipse trailer, which should emerge within a week!

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